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Cavendish associates invent new plastic technology

The one-word career advice famously given to Benjamin in the movie the Graduate was “Plastics”. In terms solely of making money, the advice was good.

Now the BBC reports that the UK firm Plastic Logic will build the world's first factory to produce plastic electronic devices.

. . .Unlike silicon, plastic circuits can be made using simple printing techniques and could dramatically reduce the price of consumer electronic goods.

Two professors from Cambridge University’s Cavendish Laboratory are closely connected with the project, which will make it easy to carry around vast amounts of written information. According to the Financial Times, Cavendish Laboratory has been "responsible over the past 136 years for a stunning series of discoveries, from elemental particles such as the electron to the threads of genetic material known as DNA. . ."

More about the brilliant and eccentric Henry Cavendish, after whom the laboratory is named, is here.