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Good news for Pound Sterling

The Telegraph reports,

When the euro notes and coins were launched five years ago today, the question was who would be the next to join; now it is who will be the first to leave. Of the 15 EU members on January 1, 2002, it is the three that stayed out — Britain, Denmark and Sweden — that have prospered. The two Nordic nations have voted by handsome majorities to keep their currencies. In both countries, political leaders warned that a "No" vote would lead to a downturn; and in both countries, the "No" was in fact followed by a surge in the stock exchange, a fall in inflation and a drop in long-term interest rates. In Britain, public opinion is granite hard for sterling, to the extent that no serious politician proposes joining the EU currency, and the lobby group set up to campaign for it has folded.

EU Referendum, which alerted us to the story, has more.

Nicholas Mayhew has written a fascinating account of "one of the world's most storied, influential currencies. . .Sterling tells that story with all the vividness and drama which its topic so richly deserves." (From the Amazon review)