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An MEP who says he should lose his job

Daniel Hannan MEP is in the curious position of advocating that he lose his job. He writes In the Telegraph,

Scrap 'em all, I say. Blowtorch all six of the finalists from the Statute Book: the Dangerous Dogs Act, the Hunting Act, the Human Rights Act, the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act, the Act of Settlement and the European Communities Act.

He then explains why blowtorching the European Communities Act is the place to start. In this he agrees with David's recommendation (see below) to vote Today at the BBC poll to repeal the European Communities Act. You have until December 31.

Of course, Hannan will lose his job and considerable salary as Member of the European Parliament should Britain leave a union that does it much harm and little good, but that is exactly what he hopes will happen. He is, apparently, a man who puts the best interests of other Brits ahead of his own mercenary gain.