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Learning to shoot in Conway, Wales, with a group
called the Plantagenets, a society that reenacts medieval scenes.
Photo: Linda Bell-Zekas.
Linda's ebullient description of touring Britain on a
"remember your roots" family project is here.

Jeffrey Bell-Zekas, whose mother’s family is originally from Portsmouth and whose father's family is from County Antrim, writes from Susanville, California, about the wonderful people his wife Linda and son Will met in Britain on their historical tour, and what he discovered on our website:

What I found most fascinating (while perusing BATB) was how MUCH we Americans still share in common with the Brits, more so than with other "first world" nations – particularly in our traditions of individual rights and our innate urge to explore this universe. . .

I think Jeff has touched on a deep, subliminal connection between the urge to explore and a love of freedom. That's an idea worth looking into. Brits who embodied the urge to freedom and the urge to explore can be found in the Liberty and Ingenious Timelines.