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Paul Johnson receives Presidential Medal of Freedom

British historian Paul Johnson has just received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America's highest civil award. According to the White House, "Paul Johnson is a brilliant historian and journalist whose powerful writings have captivated and educated people around the world."

We agree, though not always with Paul Johnson. (We disagreed with his casual debunking of the passion behind Magna Carta.) But we never cease to be amazed at how much Paul Johnson knows, how much he writes, and how well.

Johnson called America "the greatest of all human adventures," which undoubtedly endeared him to the White House. The Liberty Timeline sees the adventure beginning two thousand years earlier, in ancient Athens, Jerusalem, and Britain.

Paul Johnson received the award at the White House yesterday, along with blues musician "B.B." King, historian David McCullough, and human rights campaigner Natan Sharansky, among others.