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No time for tea

In the 18th century Brits in America declared they were "born to the bright inheritance of English freedom." But Britain was far away, and they had little say over how much they paid in taxes or how the money was spent. This galled them.

In 1773, Parliament gave the East India Company preferential treatment so it could undersell American tea merchants and smugglers. This set the kettles boiling, and on December 16, in a rambunctious act of resistance well-known on this side of the Atlantic, 150 Bostonians seized 200 tons of East India Company tea. tội cá độ bóng đá qua mạngThe Liberty Timeline gives a fairly good account of that night and other colourful episodes. The anger of "freeborn Englishmen," as they called themselves, was mounting.

They are the elder brothers of Brits fighting EU tyranny today.