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"Gallantry and complete disregard for his own safety"


Corporal Mark Wright rushed down a steep slope toward enemy fire and into a minefield before it was cleared to rescue a fellow soldier who had stepped on a mine and sustained severe injuries.

Exercising effective and decisive command, he directed medical orderlies to the injured soldier, ordered all unnecessary personnel to safety, and then began organising the casualty evacuation. He called for a helicopter, and ordered a route to be cleared through the minefield to a landing site. Unfortunately the leader of this task, while moving back across the route he believed he had cleared, stepped on another mine and suffered a traumatic amputation.

Corporal Wright, again at enormous personal risk, immediately moved to the new casualty and began rendering life-saving assistance until one of the medical orderlies could take over.

Calmly, Corporal Wright ordered all non-essential personnel to stay out of the minefield and continued to move around and control the incident. He sent accurate situation reports to his headquarters and ensured that additional medical items were obtained.">DefenceNews

Shortly afterwards a helicopter landed nearby, but before rescue could be effected, two more mine blasts occurred, severely injuring Corporal Wright, who nevertheless continued to calmly command the rescue effort and encourage his men. He died in the helicopter on the way to hospital.

A member of the 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment (3 PARA), Corporal Wright was in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, fighting the Taliban. "For acts of the greatest gallantry and complete disregard for his own safety in striving to save others,” Corporal Wright was awarded the George Cross. His parents Gem and Bobby Wright and his fiancée Gillian accepted it on his behalf.