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To be Christian in Britain


There has been a Christian community in Canterbury
offering daily prayer to God since before
St. Augustine’s arrival in 597 AD.

The Telegraph reports some British companies are banning Christmas celebrations. It has printed the outraged responses to the ban here >

Ashley Mote MEP wonders whether Britain will lose its Christian ethic and what the consequences will be here >

When I look at the British Christians who risked their lives to establish freedom, just laws, and representative government, I realize that Christianity gave Brits the ideals and the strength to positively transform life – my life and the life of every American I know. I see that transformation is part of the Christmas story, part of the Christian story, and part of living as a Christian.

Transformation often arises out of adversity. Around the time that Chaucer’s pilgrims were making pilgrimage to Canterbury, Lady Julian of Norwich wrote:

Our dearworthy Lord did not say, ‘You will never face trouble, you will never feel sorrow, you will never be afflicted.’ He said, ‘You will not be overcome.’

Due to popular demand, Canterbury Cathedral is hosting two Christmas Carol Services this year. Details are at their website here >