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Dinner talk

According to Drudge, US actress Gwyneth Paltrow reportedly told "NS," the weekend magazine supplement of daily Portuguese newspaper Diario de Noticias , that dinner talk is far more interesting in her adopted homeland Britain than in America.

The actress, who won a best acting Oscar for 1998's Shakespeare in Love, was born in Los Angeles, California, to the film and television director Bruce Paltrow and the actress Blythe Danner. It is fair to speculate that her recollections may be based on dinner table talk in Hollywood, a place not famous even in America for conversations of depth and interest. I imagine that living in London with British band Coldplay's frontman Chris Martin, whom she wed in 2003, Gwyneth might well find the conversation more electric.

The inclination to base universal principles on a few particulars is irresistible. It is not, as Robert Grosseteste might tell us (see below), convincing. However, I have found my dinner table conversations with Brits, both in Britain and America, very enjoyable.