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"The Long Road Home"

Susanna Thornton in Hungary on her way home

According to the Daily Express, Susanna Thornton had a good job working for Reuters in Hong Kong. When she was transferred to head office at Canary Wharf, she decided to ride her bike home.

It was quite a way.

She kept her blog going as she cycled through fifteen countries over 6,000 miles, probably "the slowest relocation from Hong Kong to London" ever. She raised enough money to build a sports centre for children in Cambodia, and set up sports initiatives for children in earthquake-affected parts of Pakistan.

Susanna writes in her blog,

I still think THE most beautiful and striking thing was crossing that pass over the Tianshan Mountains of Heaven south of Urumqi, northwest china. I suppose climbers must see that sort of thing all the time, but I have never seen anything like it. It was the one where my brakes and rims iced over and I got in real trouble actually, BUT it was fabulous - I’d climbed for two days, and when I finally reached the top of the pass, it was late evening, bitter cold, the last 10km all in deep shadow up hairpins zigzagging up the wall of ice to the top. You finally go over the top through a scary notch in the rock. Suddenly it’s not dark shadow anymore and you’re in a huge space of luminous blue yellow pink light. Ahead below me are snow-covered mountain tops just as far as you can see, lit pink in the sunset. You stand there cold and alone in the icy air. There was a bright white moon. You just could shout out loud it’s so beautiful.

There is lots more in her blog. Sue joins a long list of Brits who revel in the adventure and in telling us about it.