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Saving animals


The Telegraph recently carried a photo which showed a young rhino with four young children sitting on his back while he insouciantly sucked a drink from a bucket using a long straw. Rupert the rhino had been rescued by the children's father, a British wildlife veterinary researcher in Rhodesia, after his mother drowned. Rupert spent six months living with the family.

Brits have been active in protecting and saving animals.

The unstoppable Richard Martin passed laws to protect animals and founded the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

War hero and painter Peter Scott helped to found the World Wildlife Fund, WWF. (Scott created the panda as WWF's logo.) HRH Prince Philip devoted years to the fund's work.

Gerald Durrell devoted his life to saving wild animals from extinction, and his books evoke his love for them in frequently hilarious detail.