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Defenders of freedom - tax protesters

A number of brave Brits have been sent to prison for refusing to pay their Council tax. Council tax has risen in some areas by 86% since 1997. This is a huge increase for people who are old and on modest fixed incomes.

Citizens who protest taxes have a long and glorious history in helping to create a free, representative, and responsive government. These 21st century protesters have objected to wasteful spending by the Councils, and some have merely withheld that part which they thought the Council should not have spent.

It seems strange and unfair that these protesters are treated so harshly. All the ones I have read about have lived here for a lifetime, have served their country well, and are elderly. The most recent is Richard Fitzmaurice. Mr. Fitzmaurice is a 75-year-old who served 22 years as a warrant officer in the Royal Army Ordinance Corps. After his sentencing, he was strip-searched, and made to share the prison van and cell with drug addicts and murderers. He was jailed a long distance from his home.

This seems to be the typical story of Council tax protesters. We salute them all for standing up to authority in a truly brave and British way, and we will be adding their names to our list of British defenders of freedom in the 21st century. More here.