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The Yardstick

I've just received my new copy of the Yardstick. This is the journal of the British Weights and Measures Association. There is a new urgency about protecting British weights and measures since the EU plans to ban what are known as "supplementary indications" - British weights and measures – from January 1, 2010. Thus although we have to sell items in metric weights in Britain now, we can still give the size of items in inches or pounds or whatever the non-metric measurement is. But not after 2010. More about this in a later blog.

For the moment I was struck by the honorary members of the BWMA. The list is impressive and includes, among a number of luminaries, Christopher Booker, Ian Botham, Max Bygraves, Jilly Cooper, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Edward Fox, Dick Francis, George MacDonald Fraser, Simon Heffer, Peter Hitchens, Jools Holland, Richard Ingrams, Robin Page, Sir Tim Rice, Andrew Roberts, and JK Rowling.