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Ruth Lea points to a way out of the EU

Two or three years ago it was rare to find anyone brave enough to recommend that Britain should leave the EU. More and more commentators and even a few politicians are now seeing the light.

Yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph has an incisive article by Ruth Lea, the director of the Centre for Policy Studies. She points to the example of Switzerland as a country that is in Europe but not of the European Union. Instead it has a close relationship with the European Union, arrived at by bilateral agreements. A recent report from the Swiss Government shows that its relationship with the EU will cost about £232 million per year for the next several years. Quite a bit of money but insignificant with the contributions that would be required if Switzerland joined the EU. If they were foolish enough to do so, their gross contribution would rise nine times to £2 billion pounds. After rebates, Swiss membership would cost nearly six times their present membership. And what would they gain?

Nothing. In addition to losing the extra money, they would be subject to regulations that are bedevilling the law-abiding countries of the EU.

The obvious way out, and Ruth Lea seems to agree, is to repeal the 1972 Communities Act that took us in, and break free of the EU.

We have been naming defenders of British freedom in the 21st century in Liberty! The Timeline and Defeating Threats to Freedom, the EU. They are increasing in numbers so we are going to list the defenders of British freedom in a separate section coming soon.