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Bold enough to insist


Freedom, like love, is an inner feeling. If you are not free, no force in the world can liberate you. Freedom is a will within the individual . . .

This love blazes through the Brits’ Liberty Timeline. Interestingly, the quote comes from MP Iyad Jamal Al-Din, a Shiite cleric member of Ayad Allawi's party. (Quote via Instapundit and National Review)

Brits Who Love Freedom includes many Christians who contributed strongly and at great personal sacrifice to the creation of individual liberty, creativity, prosperity, and representative government. To create freedom they had to limit power. It can be deucedly difficult to establish those limits.

Establishing limits requires people bold enough to insist on them. It is my personal belief that Brits at their best insisted on limits to power because they loved fairness and they loved their children.