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Brits build first artificial stomach

According to Associated Press,

British scientists have built what they say is the world's first artificial stomach: a shiny, high-tech box that physically simulates human digestion.

Constructed from sophisticated plastics and metals able to withstand the corrosive acids and enzymes found in the human gut, the device may ultimately help in the development of super-nutrients, such as obesity-fighting foods that could fool the stomach into thinking it is full.

"There have been lots of jam-jar models of digestion before," said Dr. Martin Wickham of Norwich's Institute of Food Research, the artificial gut's chief designer, referring to the beakers of enzymes typically used to approximate the chemical reactions in the stomach.

The information that has been published does not appear to deal with the issue of bacteria in the stomach. Australian doctors Warren and Marshall discovered the presence of Helicobacter pylori in the stomach and by managing to culture them, and bravely ingesting them, a story told here in the Ingenious Timeline, were able to eliminate the gastrointestinal distress of peptic ulcers.

This latest contribution to understanding how our bodies work could be fascinating.