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Gifts from our ancestors

I was recently in Rome, and I noticed that it was the work of Michelangelo, created half a millennium ago, that was generating the enormous tourist trade that Rome enjoys. The Sistine Chapel ceiling attracts 3 million visitors a year at 12 euros a head.

I’m back in Britain now and it is the most glorious, sunlit afternoon. I ran about eight miles in the hills around Winchester, and marvelled at their beauty. This landscape was also made by man – possibly your ancestors, hundreds of years ago. The fields, the woodlands, the hedgerows and footpaths, the gardens and the distant views of the magnificent cathedral and even some of the streams were all made by Brits. I doubt whether either Michelangelo or our anonymous forbears understood that they were creating such beauty and that it would be enjoyed for generations; as long as we protect it.


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