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Gorgeous & Practical Ideas #3 - Fighting Corruption

According to the October 30, 2006 print edition of the Wall Street Journal the question of corrupt governments preoccupies the World Bank under the leadership of Paul Wolfowitz. Of special concern is Iraq, but every country in the world has to be concerned about corruption. A corrupt civil service feeds like bloodsuckers on the health and hopes of young and old with bribery, graft, nepotism, sloth and violence.

In1854 Prime Minister William Gladstone commissioned a report on the status of Britain’s civil service from Stafford Northcote and Charles Trevelyan. The Northcote Trevelyan Commission blasted the service, and called for ethical and professional standards and rigorous qualifying exams. Brits implemented the suggested reforms, and transformed their civil service into a worldwide byword for efficiency and honesty.

An incorruptible civil service is also useful in raising the ethical standards of private industry. It's part of getting all the people of a country on the same page, so that corruption, so devastating to the prosperity of all of us, is scorned and lawfully punished.