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Express Readers Say No to EU

Recently the Sunday Express explained to its readers that the EU is hard at work setting up Europe’s first transnational region – the Arc Manche – which spans southern England and northern France and a bit of Belgium. The aim is to dissolve the distinction between countries and break up Britain so it is no longer a country.

The paper invited readers to vote on whether Britain should leave the EU, and the results are in Sunday's print edition: 99% of voters supported pulling out; 1% voted to stay in the EU and have Britain dissolved like a piece of salt in the sea.

The 99% may also be loathe to pay the taxes that a new region with all its bureaucratic layers will exact from put-upon Brits, French, and Belgium citizens.

But our "leaders" refuse to listen. Mark Steyn observes: "Traditionally in free societies, when the paths of the leaders and the voters 'diverge', it’s the leaders who depart the scene. But apparently in the EU this is too vulgar and 'Anglo-Saxon', and so the great permanent Eurocracy decided instead to offer up Euro-variations on Bertolt Brecht’s jest about the need to elect a new people."

There are many democratic reasons for leaving the EU, and many good men and women trying to achieve that goal. Some of them are described here.