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Gorgeous and Practical Ideas – 2 – Flying a jet plane

We often hear it said that the Iraqi people should have gotten their free nation up and running by now.

We point out three ideas for your consideration, though we consider it likely that at least two have occurred to you.

The first idea is that constructing a free nation bears some resemblance to building a jet plane. It is complex, and just as certain immutable physical laws apply to a plane, different, equally immutable laws apply to the successful creation of a free nation.

This was not always obvious to us. It became clear when we built the tội cá độ bóng đá qua mạngLiberty Timeline. You can’t just have voting, or just laws or independent judges or free juries or a representative government with balance of powers or a bill of rights or property rights or an incorruptible civil service or shared values or a people willing to die for their freedom. You have to have every one of those things working together, and even then you are missing a few indispensables.

The second idea is that creating a free nation takes time. The Brits took more than a thousand years to achieve freedom, just laws, and representative government. Americans (assisted in their military struggle by the French) took sixteen years from the time they fired the first shot in 1775 to the moment they finally had a Constitution and Bill of Rights in 1791.

The third idea: Iraqis are trying to construct a democracy while being relentlessly attacked by gangsters and religious maniacs. It isn't easy. They need a break. See the blog of two Iraqi bloggers for more.