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Gorgeous and Practical Ideas - 1

Having spent some time visiting my grandmother in Czechoslovakia when her country was under Communist rule, I saw that envy, greed, falsehood, and fraud were rampant in a tyranny, and so was depression – a gray, drab, unrelenting depression that depressed me, too. I can still remember how my heart lifted when I saw the American flag flying over the US Embassy in Prague. The Communists had arranged to paint the beautiful Baroque palaces and hold concerts inside them, but the people never smiled, and in all that city only the red, white and blue flag seemed hopeful.

The Czechs eventually freed themselves. They had the help of US President Reagan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who applied pressure on the Soviet Union, but in the end the Czechs gained their independence by being willing to stand up shoulder to shoulder against oppression, and by being willing to die for freedom.

Then they took some useful ideas from British and American history.

We fell in love with these ideas as we built the Freedom section because they were gorgeous – practical and filled with spirit. We’re going to talk about them in future posts.