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Judaeo-Christianity, the Army, and Happiness

In the tội cá độ bóng đá qua mạngMail Peter Hitchens refers to the remarks of General Sir Richard Dannatt that we found so interesting. Hitchens quotes Sir Richard more fully on the importance of moral values in the Army:

"In the Army we place a lot of store by the values we espouse. What I would hate is for the Army to be maintaining a set of values that were not reflected in our society at large - courage, loyalty, integrity, respect for others; these are critical things. I think it is important as an Army entrusted with using lethal force that we do maintain high values and that there is a moral dimension to that and a spiritual dimension.

"When I see the Islamist threat I hope it doesn't make undue progress because there is a moral and spiritual vacuum in this country. Our society has always been embedded in Christian values; once you have pulled the anchor up there is a danger that our society moves with the prevailing wind.

"There is an element of the moral compass spinning. I am responsible for the Army, to make sure that its moral compass is well aligned and that we live by what we believe in. It is said we live in a post-Christian society. I think that is a great shame. The Judaeo-Christian tradition has underpinned British society. It underpins the British Army."

Our Timeline shows that Brits inspired by the Judaeo-Christian tradition and at the risk of their own lives created the freedoms we take for granted, representative government, and the rule of just law, while defending Britain and other peoples from attack by despots. The world is imperfect, Britain is imperfect, but this staggering history, created by men and women largely unknown and unremembered today, has been the source of much human happiness.