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The Winner of the Booker Prize

Kiran Desai has won the 2006 Man Booker Prize, worth £50,000 for a novel set in India and New York. This is perhaps the first time that an author has been "on a creative writing course" (at Columbia University, New York) while winning the prize. The Prize aims to award the best novel of the year written by a citizen of the British Commonwealth or the Republic of Ireland.

Amazon reader reviews are mostly glowing about the novel, or not, viz:
"The prose is choppy, awkward and at times obscured by so much symbolism" or "I much admired the calm elegance of the writing. . .Desai has a clear-eyed, wonderfully fierce anger about class and race and history and globalization, and while this is an admirable and even necessary thing, I felt that she did not rein it in enough in the execution of this novel."