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Marching to Hastings

One of my friends became the mother of two small boys, and created a weapon-free house – no plastic swords or wooden shields or arrows, and certainly no play guns. To her chagrin she discovered that her boys were avid about weapons anyway, and made them from anything that leapt to hand. To rush across the ground carrying a stick and chasing after your brother was highly satisfying. There was just something about that stick that lent intensity to the exercise.

So it is with no surprise that we learn from the TELEGRAPH > that there are hundreds of men from all parts of Britain who have donned Anglo-Saxon armour and are planning to reenact the Battle of Hastings in 1066 against the forces of Duke William of Normandy. And Poles, Russians, Czechs, Americans and Canadians are flying in to join them. Some are marching down from Stamford Bridge, just as Harold did after defeating a Danish incursion, when he rushed south to meet William.

The Battle of Hastings may have been the last Viking battle fought on British soil. William and his Normans were the descendants of Norsemen.

According to the TELEGRAPH, "Eighteen countries worldwide are taking part," in the 940th anniversary event organised by English Heritage, which will take place at Battle Abbey in Battle, East Sussex. It is expected to attract 20,000 spectators.

There is to be no blood, and the death of Harold will be handled gracefully. I would love to be there.

Though the Duke will win, Brits will force William's son, Henry I, to affirm a cornerstone of freedom, as described in the LIBERTY TIMELINE >