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The Anglosphere: Quel Merveilleux!

The French often speak of "Anglo-Saxon" governance in tones of horror – "Quelle horreur!" In contrast, Mark Steyn is wonderful because he is willing to acknowledge the real brilliance of the Anglosphere:

If you look at GDP per capita in countries with populations over 20 million, the top four are an Anglosphere sweep: America, Canada, Britain, Australia. . . . when it comes to delivering sustained democratic institutions and economic growth among large numbers of people, there is simply no comparison with the Britannic inheritance.

These four countries have welcomed people from all over the world, so to some extent to slight them is to insult all the world's peoples. All these people wanted to come because they wanted to benefit from what Brits had created. For a thousand years Brits had created institutions that would nurture freedom and prosperity, and had died to advance and protect them. You can find some of their stories in the Freedom Section HERE >.

You can also see the nuts and bolts of Freedom described in the FREEDOM NETWORK. It's not rocket science, but it can be compared to a marvelous machine with certain essential parts, such as property rights, Common Law, freedom of conscience and freedom of speech, a representative government with balance of powers, and an incorruptible judiciary.

It continues to require people willing to put their hearts and souls into making it work, including people of wit and ability like pundit Mark Steyn, a Canadian who was educated in England until he was 16.

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