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The great difference between the laws that govern Britain and the other countries that derive their Constitutions from Britain's – I am thinking of the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand – is that their laws are made by their people. The laws are either debated or modified by the people's elected representatives in their two houses of Parliament or Congress before entering the statute books.

In other countries, dictators or kings or a ruling clique have made up the law and imposed it on the people. These countries have not, in the long run, been successful.

Incredibly, in Britain, which invented the idea of parliamentary democracy and freedom, most of the laws are now imposed by the European Union. These laws have gone through no democratic scrutiny at all – not by either of our Houses of Parliament nor by the European Parliament. They are devised by bureaucrats in Brussels, and enter our body of law unquestioned, undebated, and unmodified.

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