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The Last Invasion

It is 940 years since William the Conqueror invaded England on September 28th, 2006. We have resisted every attempted invasion since. No other country has remained under its own sovereignty for nearly so many years.

In my lifetime, much of our sovereignty has been given away to the European Union. And there has certainly been an unofficial invasion of all sorts of folk. More people have arrived in the last thirty years than in all the preceding thousand years.

This raises some important questions, among them, is it worthwhile trying to preserve a culture. For instance, if 50 million Americans uninterested in French culture were suddenly to move to France, it might be difficult for France to retain its culture. To my mind that would be very sad.

So I ask, is the French or Italian or Tibetan or British culture worth preserving, and how many people imbued with the culture and its traditions are essential to keeping it alive?