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Barefoot Soldier

Pte Johnson Beharry, 27, of the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment received the Victoria Cross (VC) for tremendous courage in saving the lives of his fellow Brits in two actions in Iraq. The TELEGRAPH > reports that he twice cheated death in acts of exceptional bravery when his Warrior tank was hit by rocket-propelled grenades in two ambushes in 2004. Exposed to enemy fire, with his hatch blown away, his communications gone and his periscope shattered, he led his five-vehicle convoy to safety then clambered on to the red-hot metal to save colleagues, including his commanding officer. Two years later, he remains in considerable pain from his head injuries.

Beharry, who moved to Britain from Grenada when he was 19, recalls how the Army saved his life before he went into action. and what has happened to him since in Barefoot Soldier, which will be serialised in the Telegraph > tomorrow.