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Lord Carey Speaks Bluntly at Time of Great Peril

THE former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey of Clifton has issued his own challenge to 'violent' Islam in a lecture in which he defends the Pope’s 'extraordinarily effective and lucid' speech. Story in the TIMES >

Violent Islamists have burned churches, and murdered a Sister who tended the ill in Somalia in a violent reaction that has the ironic result of underlining Pope Benedict XVI's speech in Regensburg last week.

Pope Benedict suggested that reason was one of the gifts of God and that Muslims misunderstood God if they believed God supported violence rather than reason as an expression of their faith. The Pope also suggested to the secular West that reason unrooted in faith and the love of God loses its life force, and historically has become the tool of totalitarianism.

Though he may well attract the violent animus of Islamists, Lord Carey took his stand beside the Pope by defending him. He also challenged Muslims to address “with great urgency” their religion’s association with violence.