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The British International School is opening in New York, joining Boston, Washington, and Chicago in offering a private school whose curriculum is more geared to those typically found in Britain.

My children grew up near Portland, Oregon. The Oregon Episcopal School, under its then British headmaster, provided an education as good as at any English school. The headmaster himself taught them Cicero.

I note that the new New York school has adopted the International Baccalaureate (IB) syllabus. This is more rigorous than the woeful state of A levels at present in Britain.

However, perhaps the importance of formal education is overrated. Our research into great inventions by Brits show that many of our greatest inventors and innovators - Hooke, Boole, Beaufort, Maudslay, Dalton, Heaviside, George Stephenson, Alexander Bell - had little formal schooling. They educated themselves. You might be interested in checking out our INGENIOUS TIMELINE >